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Buying Guide

Shopping for CINZIA ROCCA online requires just a few simple steps.

To browse our catalog, select one of the options from the list of categories from the navigation menu. You can narrow down your search by using different search filters.

By clicking on the photo of the product you can zoom in and see the item in more details, before adding it on your cart.

Select an item and add it to your cart. Then you can choose to continue shopping or place your order. If you want to continue shopping, just repeat the same process, but if you want to place your order you will need to proceed with the checkout.

After entering your information, verify that all is correct and click on confirm.
The total amount of the order will appear on the first page of the shopping cart. Continue to complete your order by filling out the shipping address and your credit card information.
All the details of your order are summarized in the Order Confirmation page. Once you confirm the order, you can no longer make any changes.
Your purchase is concluded when you get to our "thank you" page, where you are assigned an order number. Within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

We do not take phone orders at this time.