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About Us

Made in Italy - When Product Makes a Difference

The CINZIA ROCCA collection was created with achieving the "total look" in mind, including various silhouettes such as coats, jackets, skirts, suits and dresses, all displaying modern femininity. The core of the collection is defined as "luxury outerwear", where each piece is created with the highest quality fabrics. Much of the outerwear is made of pure cashmere, baby alpaca, camel hair and the finest wools and precious fiber materials. In that same way, the creative process is strong and well interpreted. The uniqueness and originality of each design is shown throughout each collection. The resource for fabrics begins with the top producing fabric mills in Italy, exclusively developing for CINZIA ROCCA. It becomes apparent from these few important details, that each CINZIA ROCCA piece lends itself to a style that is clean, classic and modern at the same time.

The CINZIA ROCCA customer can be categorized as a woman of class, who can distinguish fine craftsmanship and expects quality in the fine garments that she wears. For over sixty years CINZIA ROCCA has stood alone as a leader in Italian ready- to-wear, and today the collection is distributed in over 40 major fashion markets. The unique production process is what gives CINZIA ROCCA its niche. Each garment is made using the highest quality machinery, and can stand alongside the likes of handcrafted clothes; in fact, many parts of the garments are still sewn by hand. Today the factory employs over 300 skilled tailors, which is why, "the product makes a difference". CINZIA ROCCA proudly illustrates the best in Italian style, quality and craftsmanship in the world.

The story

The story of Rodel s.p.a. began in 1953. As often happens to agencies fated for success, its growth gave incredible satisfaction to its founder, Giacomo Rocca. In the immediate post-war period the corporate development rose very fast. Women had the chance to enjoy once again the pleasure of being elegant in simply close-fitting dresses. They looked for soft fabrics and prestigious styles. This new-found femininity pushed Giacomo Rocca to a new challenge. He decided to turn his commercial enterprise into a tailoring one: the more the production grows, the more the company organization becomes structured. At the end of the '80s, Rodel's rising success led to the creation of a new line named by his daughter Cinzia who is also the designer.

The new brand fit into the US market very quickly offering the idea of a real Made in Italy, even though it was still almost unknown in Italy. In only five years, the brand conquered the US mass consumer market and today it still represents one third of the overall volume of the company. Advertising and promotional activities assume an ever greater importance, such as the Golden Awards in which star as Leelee Sobieski, Katie Couric, Ophra Wynfrey, Cindy Crowford, Halle Barry, Uma Thurman became fashinated by the brand . What is the formula to success of Cinzia Rocca? It's simple: "tradition always goes with innovation". By 'tradition' we mean that all products are manufactured by tailors and every single detail is always considered: fabrics and workmanship, trimmings and models. All products are a mixture of high automation process and skilled labour.

A factory made up of 300 tailors' is the best description of this brand and this is what makes the difference. By 'innovation' we mean that Rodel is a modern and well-structured company. Every single Cinzia Rocca cloth is exclusively made by the factory, that is: created, produced and controlled by the Head office. Cinzia Rocca is different from the other brands because of its 100% Italian production. Nothing is manufactured in China or any other country. The 'Made in Italy' label that is inside every Cinzia Rocca product means that it was designed and produced Italy.